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Selfie by Alyssa…who very nicely let me use it for my poem.

I solemnly swear, she said to me

That I am up to no good, this I can see

She gives me that coy little smile

Ok, she melts my heart for awhile

But I know what’s behind that grin

Thank goodness, she is not a twin

I wouldn’t know what to do

One is enough, imagine two!

And when she has you, in her spell

Her kind of magic, you can’t quell

The truth is, she is not a brat

But that really is her silly hat

Seems the t-shirt matches that

This girl does surely beguile


May Writing Prompts – The Brat in the Hat – Day 4/31

©2019 Dorinda Duclos All Rights Reserved
Photo by Alyssa Duclos