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Too many weapons left behind
To figure out who did the deed
A detective was handed the case
Hoped he’d have all he’d need

Evidence, placed upon his desk
A knife, a noose and a gun
Not really knowing where to begin
He knew this wouldn’t be fun

Taking out his trusty magnifier
He checked the weapons, again
Finding only one little clue
The evidence, was surely plain

When finally reaching a conclusion
He presented his case to the chief
Shaking his head at the detective
He stood there, in disbelief

How could this possibly be? he asked
Which one of the weapons matched?
Twas a fingerprint, upon the gun
To a certain someone, attached

Seems Chief has been up to no good
Got caught with the new recruit
The misses found out, set him up
Then quickly, gave him the boot

Now the chief’s in the slammer
No longer is he the top cop
As for the real murder weapon
One town over, at the old pawnshop


April Writing Prompts – A fugitive on the loose, where’s the noose? – Day 7/30

©2019 Dorinda Duclos All Rights Reserved
Photo via Pixabay CC0