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Hours, now spent, at the computer screen
Pounding the keyboard, to its extreme

While typing away, I’m paying no attention
Until I realize, I’m faced, with misapprehension

Glancing above the rims of my glasses
The color of blue, which nicely harasses

The vision in front of me, is it a message?
Downloading future, is this a presage?

It tells me to wait, but for what, I’m unsure
I could always hit cancel, that could be a cure

Except, I wonder, what it is my future holds
Can I ask the blue screen, or would that be too bold?

On second thought, perhaps, it’s cancel, I will hit
Better I should shut it down, before I throw a fit

As I turn off the computer, and take a deep breath
I pray, when I turn it on, I won’t be faced with death


April Writing Prompts – The blue screen of death – Day 6/30

©2019 Dorinda Duclos All Rights Reserved
Photo via Pixabay CC0