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No matter how careful she was
In the end, she‘d nick her nails
Her manicurist truly loved it
Had lots of money, Mrs. Upscale

At least twice a week, once three
She’d be in to get things fixed
Other days she thought about it
Somewhere between and betwixt

Soon Mr. Upscale noticed funds
Disappearing, before his eyes
When questioning the misses
All she could do was just sigh

I spent it on my nails, you see
They have to look their very best
But, the mister wasn’t buying it
No, he surely wasn’t impressed

That’s it! He bellowed loudly
No more pretty paint for you
You’ll have to do your own nails
Yes, that’s exactly what you’ll do

Fine she thought, she’d fix him good
She went out and bought the parlor
Now, she gets her nails done daily
And it doesn’t even cost her a dollar


March Writing Prompts – Nicked Nails – Day 23/31

©2019 Dorinda Duclos All Rights Reserved
Photo via Pixabay CC0