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The lovely Helene of Willow Poetry has challenged us with “What do you See?”.  You may write a poem, haiku, tanka or short story that represents what you see or feel within you.  More info can be found in the link below.

A rather odd-shaped ladder, led me to this wall; I wonder, should I step over, what will happen if I fall? The painted sign tells me “THE BEGINNING IS NEAR”; what I see from this vantage point, is beautiful and clear. But what exactly does that mean, I thought this was the end; if I was to leave this planet, I surely hope I would ascend. Yet, I can only see, ahead of me, a sky so blue; perhaps this is my destiny, though I’m not sure what to do.

I feel a wee bit lost, to this I have avowed; still, I cannot pull myself away, watching celestial clouds. Saturn captures my very heart, tis a place I long to see; will they welcome an earthling, or exile the likes of me? That nebula looks lovely, and that distant star, aglow; a few more steps is all I need, then over the top I’ll go! On second thought, it’s best I wait, until the time is right; for now I’ll leave the universe here, and bid it a grand goodnight.


©2019 Dorinda Duclos All Rights Reserved
Photo via Willow Poetry – What do you See?