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Flowers show their faces
Chin up, to the morning sun
Stretching, as a new day
Shines, upon each one

Yet, further in the distance
The snow has just begun
Newly fallen, it appears
Perhaps, winter is not done

Mother Nature, once again
Continues playing games
Every year’s no different
She always takes the blame

It’s how she keeps her stature
Tis her universal claim to fame
Else, if things were boring
You might forget her name

She’s a blending of the seasons
By using a touch of her hand
You may think otherwise, but
She has this whole thing planned

Her touch creates the wonder
We admire across the land
With her palette, full of colors
Things always look so grand

So, when you see the flowers
But, the hills are full of snow
You can’t imagine life, without
This amazing, living, show

Give thanks to Mother Nature
As you watch her beauty grow
Be sure she knows you’re grateful
For decorating Earth just so


March Writing Prompts – A new fallen snow – Day 1/31

©2019 Dorinda Duclos All Rights Reserved
Photo via Pixabay CC0