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What dare unearth this ground, shrouded in mysteries, untold; is there a message, timeless, profound, unlocking secrets, as day unfolds? Disguised as stone, do you see, the face of another come through; or perhaps, eagle’s wings, taking flight, to be free, or pursue?

And what of the markings down below, a hand print stained with time; drawing us closer, trying to show; this is no ordinary place, nor paradigm. This ground on which you stand, holds those who have long since passed, their spirits remain here, quite planned, blending with the trees, and vacant grass.

These are the questions begging to be asked, by those who do not know; to venture here, is no easy task, still, one you mustn’t forgo. Take heed to the teachings that await, for one day you may return; as a spirit, yourself, from beyond the gate, best make sure your lessons are well learned.


©2019 Dorinda Duclos All Rights Reserved
Photo ©Sue Vincent – Timeless