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I don’t know much about foods, in Yorkshire

I hear they make a really great pudding

Though some of the ingredients are strange

They keep telling me it tastes really gooding

(is that a word?)

In the states, we use things, like milk or cream

Then mix in the flavorings, we enjoy most

In Britain, they use drippings from the beef

Sounds more like it should be over toast

(quite absurd!)

In the U.S., we put whipped cream on top

There’s no way we would ever use gravy!

Over there, they use a  muffin pan to bake it

They claim, it always comes out, rather flaky

(I prefer mine creamy)

Okay, I say, I’ll give it a try

This Sunday, while the roast is cooking

I’ll scoop some goodness, out of the fridge

But first make sure, nobody is looking

(mm mm, dreamy!!)


February Writing Prompts – Yorkshire Pudding People – Day 2/28

©2019 Dorinda Duclos All Rights Reserved
Photo via Pixabay CC0