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Won’t you please come closer, let me have a look at you
I promise not to harm you, I just want to know your name
I am, simply, an old tree, stuck in the snow, without a clue
As how to get the cold to leave, each year, it’s still the same

The sky gets rather cloudy, and the sun seems to run away
Is there a way for me to stop this, from happening again?
All at once, the light is gone, and all around me, turns gray
Perhaps you can teach me, how to change the ice to rain

You keep looking at me, with wonderment on your face
I seem to be quite different, than the others trees, I fear
I bet you’re trying to figure out, how I got to this place
I wish I had the answer, but Mother Nature’s left me here

Frozen in this position, I have no choice but to look down
I wonder if, there is a way, for you to help me straighten
Such puzzlement in your eyes, and now you have a frown
My guess is that you can’t, so that leaves me still misshapen

Maybe, perchance, you’ll come back, when the snow is done
Bring with you, a book or two, then we can read together
Spring, is when I’ll find my leaves, to shade you, from the sun
Yes, I can see that you agree, it’s also your kind of weather

Now off you go, dear child, before you turn much colder
And winter, in its harshest way, causes me to grow older

Mind yourself, stay warm, and dry

I’ll see you soon, I promise…



©2019 Dorinda Duclos All Rights Reserved
Photo via Pixabay CC0