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One last yank, then a pull and the landing was clear

Sylvia plummeted down, into his hand, on her rear!

Thinking she was heading, in a different direction

Realizing too late, to make the proper correction

She braced for the best and expected the worst

This, the flight of her life, must surely be cursed

How could she be, so far off course, and then land

In the palm of a stranger, she’d have to demand

He release her at once, she was not too amused

But he wouldn’t let go, said he’d have to refuse

If he let her move on, it would cost him his pride

Said he paid, way too much, for his mail order bride


January Writing Prompt – One last yank then a pull and the landing was clear – Day 19/31

©2019 Dorinda Duclos All Rights Reserved
Photo via Pixabay CC0