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She carries the crystal, guarding, with her life

On a snowy path, which she only need follow

Until she reached the point, to make a decision

Either go left or right, she’d no time now to wallow

The sun was rising in the distance, behind her

Soon the stone would glow, seen everywhere

She couldn’t allow that to happen, it’s too soon

So left, she did journey, but in her heart, despair

What if she had chosen the wrong path to take?

What if She finds her, and captures the stone?

Surely, there must be a sign, along the way

That leads her, far, from the evil Forest Crone

A dastardly old witch, whose spells could maim

You dare not get close, just avoid confrontation

Alas, too late for Fate, she took a turn for the worse

Past the fork in the road, she did meet her damnation


January Writing Prompt – Fate took a turn for the worse at the fork in the road – Day 17/31

©2019 Dorinda Duclos All Rights Reserved
Photos via Pixabay CC0, put together by me