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She set out, across the desert sands
Gathering nature, with her hands

Not wanting to leave, any behind
Heard life on Earth, could be so unkind

Carefree, following behind her, in tow
Were butterflies fluttering, to and fro

Flowers that blossomed, on one side
The clouds, ablaze, in orange skies

Everything she found, was simply a beauty
Knowing inside, this was her rightful duty

To bring back all, they didn’t have there
Saving from humans, who just didn’t care

Though, left behind, near grass, was a tree
Which had no leaves, nor birds to see

Twas the only thing, she could not carry
Though try, she did, but to the contrary

The tree did not want to go, nor gather
So, it stayed in its own place, and rather

Didn’t follow the lass, from land to land
Hoping one day, she would understand

Why he had stayed there, in the blazing sun
Who’d tell about trees, if there were none?


January Writing Prompt – And as she walked away, she took it all with her – Day 15/31

©2019 Dorinda Duclos All Rights Reserved
Photo via Pixabay CC0