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Beyond the forest glen, the realization struck her. She had been walking on the same stone path for what seemed like hours, and she was still in the place where she started. The air had changed, it was getting colder, and she had no jacket with her. Trying to decide whether she should turn around and go back or try one more time to get through the forest, she opted to go ahead.

Taking slow steps, she took note of how the path had changed. There was an iridescent glow to the stones that wasn’t there before. Even the trees looked strange, almost as if they were animated. She hesitated to go any further, but knew she couldn’t stop now. Night was falling, and soon the forest would sleep.

Several feet later, the stones, still glowing, ended. She couldn’t see around the bend, but the light was still there. Stepping as quietly as possible, she stopped where the stones ended and the densest part of the forest began. Surely she shouldn’t go into the forest. She had no flashlight, no lantern, and her phone was almost dead. She’d need that in case of an emergency. Thinking that over, she thought “This is an emergency!” Sighing loudly, then quickly covering her mouth, she saw she had no signal. The only choice she had was to keep walking in the woods, hoping she’d find the way out..


January Writing Prompt – Beyond the forest glen, the realization struck her – Day 6/31

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