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He held the jar up to the light
Wondering what it could be
And there, inside the honey
Was this beautiful golden key

It looked like it was floating on air
Its reflection, in the sunlit rays
How long had he had this jar?
It must have been there for days

He slowly opened the sticky lid
And beacons flew, out of the jar
Spiraling about, in the azure sky
On their way to becoming stars

He marveled at how they shot up
Into the beauty, and all that was clear
As light shined down upon him, he knew
Twas the beginning of a brand new year


December Writing Prompt – Entombed inside a jar of honey, the key could clearly be seen – Day 31/31 – Another month of prompts have ended. Hard to believe 2018 is also on its way out. Happy New Year everyone!! May it be blessed with love, joy and happiness for all!!

©2018 Dorinda Duclos All Rights Reserved
Photo via Pixabay CC0