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The staff was in a snit, the head chef had a fit
She baked a batch of muffins, for the queen
Set them on a stool, near a window, just to cool
Now the breads, were nowhere to be seen

Pondered what to do, waited, a minute or two
Hoped to catch this terrible, muffin thief
She realized her spoon, was nowhere in the room
Now, this was going way beyond belief

Set a trap, a deadly fate, hoped they’d take the bait
A half a muffin sat, on the kitchen table
In came Carla May, spoon and muffin, on display
Shocked to see the goods, but where was Mabel?

Much to her surprise, the table began to rise
Scared the daylights, right out of Carla May
She looked around, but didn’t know, where she’d go
So she stood there, didn’t try to get away

The chef approached her prey, had waited for this day
To meet the thief who stole the precious cakes
Carla hit her with the spoon, on that fateful afternoon
Now she’s the chef, and eats whatever she bakes


December Writing Prompt – A half-eaten muffin and a spoon where all that remained – Day 26/31

©2018 Dorinda Duclos All Rights Reserved
Photo via Pixabay CC0