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She reeks of sugared candy, smells like a marshmallow

If she keeps this up, she’ll soon be looking sallow

Popping in the treats, savoring one after the other

She has to eat them quickly, not saving for her brother

Stacking them high, she would eat them all, two-fisted

This is where the tale, gets somewhat rather twisted

She couldn’t eat them, fast enough, so she’d hide them beneath

Her tongue, would hold a mountain full, and even in her teeth

But, she’d given it away, what was once her greatest disguise

Instead, it looked as if this would be, candy’s quick demise

For when she tried to smile, her teeth were stuck together

And so this ends the sweetness, of a little girl named Heather


December Writing Prompt – She reeked of sugary sweets and her teeth gave away her disguise – Day 23/31

©2018 Dorinda Duclos All Rights Reserved
Photo via Pixabay CC0