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There was something about that house. Every day she walked by it, something was different. This time it was the front door, though she wasn’t quite sure what it was that caught her attention. She always admired the brass door frame, but the brown wooden door looked out of place there. Even the railings of the porch steps had touches of brass. Why not go for the extra, and make the door brass also?

Feeling a bit adventuresome, she decided to walk up the steps to get a closer look at the door. She hesitated at first, but didn’t think anything of it. As she got closer, she felt a strange warmth. Touching the door, she realized it wasn’t wood at all, but a rather strange looking metal.  And the heat she felt was emanating directly from it.  Suddenly, in front of her, the door began to melt against the brass frame, until it disappeared, and she with it…


December Writing Prompt – And suddenly the door began to melt against the brass frame – Day 16/31

©2018 Dorinda Duclos All Rights Reserved
Photo via Pixabay CC0