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Deep down in the dungeon, noises could be heard

That rattled the bones of the dead, as they stirred

Awakened by the party, yet another drunken sot

All gathered together, twas the King, and his lot

Revelry continued, ugh, the sound was too much

They decided it was time, but what to do in a clutch?

It was Christmas, they pondered, was not Halloween

They needed a plan, should they query the Queen?

Of course not, she was one of the revelers, too

Instead, here’s what they decided they should do

Donning a Santa hat, they made their way upstairs

After all, they’re just bones, so nobody should care

They were the life of the party, how could that be?

Since they were dead, causing all that whoopee!

When everyone had gone, the King found his way

He wanted to thank them for saving the day

But nowhere could he find, those strange unknowns

All they left behind, were a few broken bones…


December Writing Prompt – Deep down in the dungeon – Day 6/31

©2018 Dorinda Duclos All Rights Reserved
Photo via Pixabay CC0 (Hats added by me)