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Nothing was working, frustration set in

I should start over, but where to begin?

Jumbled up messes, stuck in my head

Maybe it’s time I take a break, but instead

I continue to trudge, through this mess

No cause for alarm, it’s probably stress

Step away from the keyboard, back again

To many words are stuck tight from within

Hands on the keys, glazed eyes in a dream

I’m pretty sure, you just heard me scream!

Leave the office, go find something to eat

Perhaps I can fuel the verses with sweets

No, that will never work, they’re diabetic

This is what happens when I am frenetic

Try to calm down, take it one at a time

But the words, continue to play, a mime

They move about, but never do they speak

It’s more like they’re playing hide and seek

Okay, that’s enough, for now, they can win

I should start over, but where to begin?


©2018 Dorinda Duclos All Rights Reserved
Photo via Pixabay CC0