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In swirls of mist, the echoes speak
Take heed to what you hear
For once the sunlight starts to peek
This all will, soon, disappear

Shrouded by gray, in the foggy morn
A spectral being, arrives, forlorn

His castle, now in ruins, lay
As he recalls that fateful day

When men stood brave, atop the wall
Then mightily, one by one, did fall

Soldiers, rigid, took the chance
Heroic men, who bowed to thee
Imprisoned, by your ignorant stance
A realm of misfortune, you did not foresee

Now, this being, in limbo’s cell
Fears, for there is no return
Caught in eternal living hell
His freedom is what he yearns


Join Sue, every Thursday, as she delights us with a new photo (or two)!  Thank you for this amazingly, haunting photo!

©2018 Dorinda Duclos All Rights Reserved
Photo ©Sue Vincent