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The medication is beginning to wear thin

Night terrors return, with a frantic fury

Evoking strange visions, conjuring the dark

Encapsulating me, like a jail cell, but the bars!

Claustrophobia has nothing on these feelings

Like solitary confinement, there’s no escape

I’m trapped in my own fear, flailing my arms

Still you sleep, with me screaming on the inside

And you not hearing on the outside, please wake up!

Unlock this oubliette, find the door to set me free

I call your name, no response, the silence deafens

My heart, racing, beating, as it longs to release

Scattered breaths, this taunting inside me

And when it finally does, I am spent, and you wake

Realizing, this is my life, this is how I cope with it

I panic, it attacks, with no cavalry to rescue me

No savior, only me, finally fighting my way out

The easiest way to deal with this, is to not sleep

So I don’t, and I won’t, and I can’t live like this


©2018 Dorinda Duclos All Rights Reserved
Photo via Pixabay CC0