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Rolling hills, verdant, green, azure skies of blue, white puffy clouds float along with the breeze, ah, summer, I’ve been waiting, for you. Flowers decorate the meadows below, a sea of white, they are nature’s reflection. Oh, how I long to get lost, in the glow, of Heaven’s purest perfection. The scent in the air, breathes my thoughts to the wind, pondering, where this season rescinds; the warmth of her touch, giving in to the fall, oh, summer, you’re not nearly long enough, at all. So I shall plant, this image in my head, dream of these days, when winter, instead, has brought in the frost, to cover the land, and pray once again, for sweet summer, so grand.


I combined Sue’s #writephoto and ~M’s Daily Writing Prompt  🙂

August Writing Prompt – Blue skies and blossoms – Day 12/31

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Photo ©Sue Vincent