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I continued my way down the winding streets, trying very hard to keep the sound of my footsteps to bare minimum. It was way too quiet around here. The fact that I had no idea where I was kept playing tricks on me. I could swear the windows and doors were constantly changing. That stopped me dead in my tracks.

That was her plan all along! To keep me guessing so I couldn’t find her! How stupid could I be not to have realized it when I first saw this? (Don’t answer that). Stopping had made the scenery stop also. So, if I moved, it moved. Clever. But not clever enough for me. I began walking again, heading back to the team and hoping I would still find them where I left them. The doors and windows started their spiral along the path. Changing colors and shapes, but never opening. A very interesting point, if I do say so myself.

When I finally reached the team, I found them sitting around, playing with the rest of the matches. Cory was about to strike the last one. I quickly grabbed it from his hand and shoved it in my pocket. What if we needed it to get back through the tunnel?? Why did I bring these three into this? I was so sure they could handle ~M. I was beginning to realize I had, perhaps, made a mistake.

Grabbing them by their collars, I pushed them out onto the sidewalk and whispered to watch the doors and windows. Especially watch for one that never changed. That would be the door to ~M’s other lair. I was sure of it. Finally turning the corner, Mildred, bless her heart, spotted the one we were looking for. We stopped walking, the swirling came to a rest, and we stood in front of the door to only God knows where.  Fred opened it and entered.  The others followed.

Looking back at the street, I couldn’t help wondering about ~M and her childhood, and what made her this way. I may have to look into that. I entered the doorway, bid the street goodbye with a sullen wave, and closed the door behind me.


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July Writing Prompt – Cobblestone Passages – Day 9/31

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