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I waited, impatiently, pacing like a junkyard dog looking for its next meal. The plane was late. The last I saw was a delay of 30 minutes. There was only so long I could hang around the baggage claim before someone got suspicious. I watched, as each jet taxied in from the tarmac, hooked up with its gate, and let the passengers off, into the airport. Time was running thin. Finally, the board lit up, announcing the arrival of Flight 608 from Newark. But something wasn’t right.

As the plane came to a stop, and the ramp attached, the door was immediately thrown open, and the passengers fled in all directions. Some of them were green, still others holding their hands over their nose and mouth, while one woman was actually carried off in a stretcher. There was no sight of the team I was waiting for. My heart sank. What on Earth could have happened?

I stopped one of the passengers, who had slowed down enough for me to do so, and asked what was going on. He preceded to tell me, in between gagging, that there had been several passengers on board with excessive gas issues, so much so, the plane had to be evacuated as soon as it hit the gate. I believed he referred to it as spontaneous eruptions. So that was their plan. It was all I could do to keep from laughing in the poor man’s face.

I felt my cell phone vibrate. It was my team, who had exited the plane through the baggage compartment in the underbelly. Everyone was so busy trying to get away from the stench, they never noticed them slip away. Genius, I say, pure genius. But there was no time to celebrate now. We needed to get back to my hotel and get busy. Except, I forgot the name of my hotel. Good thing I had my room key! I think it’s my room. I guess we’ll find out soon enough.


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July Writing Prompt – Spontaneous eruptions – Day 4/31

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