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What started out as sandwich
Made with red ripe tomatoes
Turned into a festival
Of fried green potatoes

Have you ever heard of them?
Well, neither have I
Not sure I want to try it
Though I really don’t know why

How bad can they be?
After all, they’re fried
The best way to eat them
Among all I have tried

But the green has me bothered
I’ve never seen that before
Is it because they are moldy?
Kept too long in a drawer?

Perhaps I should slice them
See what’s hiding inside
Oh, nothing more than white
Seems the outside was just dyed

They cooked up rather nicely
Yes, the smell had me wooed
Cause now fried green potatoes
Are my new favorite food

P.S. The tomatoes are now ketchup  😉


Writing Prompt – Fried green potatoes – Day 26/31

©2017 Dorinda Duclos All Rights Reserved
Photo via Pixabay CC0