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Though tough skinned on the outside

She holds her softness deep inside

The apple, on the other hand

Is only soft when he’s been pied

Too many nights out drinking

Upside down, he makes his way

Rolling around the counter top

With a bunch of nuts, he sways

She can no longer watch him

She needs to squash this party boy

There’s only one way to end it

To get back some sweeter joy

Seductively peeling her outer layer

She reveals what he’s been waiting for

Then, when he least expects it

She rolls him on the floor

Never mess with a naval gal

She’ll get even when she’s crossed

Now all that’s left, a broken stem

‘Cause the apple has been sauced


Writing Prompt – Oranges aren’t Apples – Day 11/31

©2017 Dorinda Duclos All Rights Reserved
Photo via Pixabay CC0