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For centuries, a small town, hidden deep within the outer forests, provided comfort for the elite of Rousseau, France. They went about their day, unaware of the horrible conditions that plagued the less fortunate. Blind, to the men who tortured the women, made them slaves for their own pleasures, they gleefully went about their business. The slaves bore no self-esteem, for they knew if they spoke out they would surely meet their demise. But there was one, one who dared forsake the unspoken oath, the one who dared to break the silence. Jocelyne Joubert, a strong determined woman, unafraid of the consequences, spoke her mind among the men who had come to the town to claim their next victims. And in the rumble of voices crying for her death, she saw her revenge.


to be continued…..

Part One

Β©2016 Dorinda Duclos All Rights Reserved
Photo: Pixabay