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I know, I know, it’s Thursday…just play along…I needed a break from all the garbage out there.

We all know about the crazy camel who makes his way through the office asking “what day is it?”  The marketing genius behind that ad is incredible but do you actually know what the commercial is about?  Or do you just remember the camel?  It’s a GEICO commercial….no little green gecko this time around.  But this story isn’t about the camel, whose name, by the way,  is Caleb..

I think we all need a little levity, to be able to laugh throughout our day, even at simple things.  And it doesn’t get much simpler than this.   I’m writing this based on all the Hump Day statuses, hence the reference to the camel, in my newsfeed yesterday and frankly, every Wednesday!  I include myself in these posts.   Not long ago, I asked my friends if they thought Facebook didn’t mine their data.  This was after a Tuesday status update regarding “Hump Day” aka Wednesday <yes. Some people actually don’t know>.

The status went something like this “If tomorrow is Hump Day, does that mean today is Foreplay Day?”

Even RotteneCards got in on it.


I was immediately hit with dozens of emails promoting male enhancement drugs.  It appears that Facebook is really not gender specific and doesn’t know that I am a female.  I guess they’re looking at it as a chance for me to pass the information on to my male partner, but why would I?  We all know men don’t like to be told they need more staying power.  I could pick better arguments than this.  You should also know that setting filters in your email to send these little ditties to spam doesn’t work because every “from” and “subject” contains one small change.

I thought I’d share some of the email subject lines with you and hope that you get a laugh out of them, as I did.

* Become a female mag sex fantasy * Enlargement pils Sample * Promo Men’s Supplement * Hitting her G-spot everytime * Free Trial for Stronger Testosterone Levels * Penis Growth Promo * Just Two Pills for Instant Satisfaction *

Do people really take the time to open these emails??  I figure if I continue to get them, and pass them on, several men could make it around the world many times and at least twice to the moon.  With the way things are today, especially these past few weeks, with the healthcare mess, among others, we all need to step back, breathe and just laugh. And laugh I have.  I thank those who have nothing better to do than fill my email with delusions of grandeur 😉

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