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United States Secretary of Health and Human Services  Kathleen Sebelius testified on Wednesday about the problems with the Affordable Healthcare Act website, Healthcare.gov.  Or maybe she thought she did.  She really didn’t answer the questions being asked.  She appeared to stammer her way through at times and using “whatever” as a response when asked if President Obama was responsible for the mess.  She claimed the president had no knowledge of the problems prior to the launch, and that everything fell on her.  A sacrificial lamb?  The president is good with that.  Think Hillary and Benghazi.

“You deserve better. I apologize. I’m accountable to you for fixing these problems.”

ImageHer apology might have been believable if she hadn’t read it off a piece of paper.

It comes down to this.  The president is responsible for EVERYTHING the government sets out for the America people.  And yet he continually says he didn’t know, he wasn’t aware.  Is he that far out of the loop with his own staff?  How does one run a country like the United States of America if you’re always in the dark?  Or is he?  I don’t think so.

It’s very convenient to play dumb when it comes to the majority of the country you’re supposed to be leading, believes  you’re not worthy of your position.  In fact, the president’s rating is the lowest it’s ever been.  In a recent poll conducted by NBC/Wall Street Journal shows Obama’s approval rating is at 42%, down 5% from early October.  51% disapprove of the job he’s doing.  In a discussion on Facebook, regarding this information, Paul Pannone of ewednewz.com & www.pauljpannone.com said “Mirrors my poll exactly; 42% combined feel he is– or doing the best he can in a broken system.” President Blames Others For His Shortcomings

I believe at this point in his presidency, he hasn’t proven he can handle the job.  It’s been five years of disappointments.  My question is to the 42% of Americans who think he’s doing his job…What is it that you see that the majority of us do not?