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Can barely keep my eyes open
But sleep won’t come tonight
No matter how I try, no luck
I can’t shut out the light

Heavy lids that drag me down
Play games within my mind
Slowly, melatonin blends
But not the perfect kind

I’m sure my brain is backwards
Thinks the nighttime is the day
After all, I am “The Night Owl”
Still, I can’t go on this way

Body trips over nothing
Spastic rhythms from my feet
I scream “I need some shut eye!”
Alas, I can feel defeat

The sandman never finds me
Pretty sure it’s a purposeful thing
All I want is an hour or two
Even a minute, he doesn’t bring

So I stagger, cross the room
Hoping, searching for my bed
I stub my toe on the nightstand
What’s that screaming in my head?

Oh, right, it’s pain, my little toe
Who put that furniture there?
Surely, I cannot blame myself
Of that, I wouldn’t dare!

Finally falling on the mattress
Hear a thud against the wall
No worries, it’s just little old me
As into bed, at last, I fall.

Toss and turn and thrash about
I’ve had enough, for goodness sake!
Yet, in the darkness, I hear laughter

PS…I’m still awake


©2022 Dorinda Duclos All Rights Reserved
Image by StockSnap from Pixabay