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I have not forgotten
That I was forsaken
I am simply biding my time
With each moment passing
It simply escapes me
It has no reason, nor rhyme

Hours rush by
Without a second thought
Minutes all jumble together
Sorting it out
Seems worthless to me
Just another storm I must weather

Clouded judgement reigns
Through the ebon night
Scars settle deep in my heart
The power within
Has, at last, petered out
Not sure I’ve the will to restart

Years, again, flash
Becoming a blur
Thoughts, left scattered, unsown
Perhaps for the best
For the sake of my soul
All should remain unknown

Locked away safely
In my own little world
Fighting the storms to the last
Demons unleashed
In a whirlpool of terror
And I wonder if this, too, shall pass.

Glares, thrown like daggers
Impossible to ignore
Oblivious, they scorn with hate
Or maybe they’re not
Wide eyed, they inflict
Successfully sealing my fate.

©2022 Dorinda Duclos All Rights Reserved
Photo via Pixabay