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Crescent moon,
Firefly light
A vision in green,
Mysterious sight

Her cat, a bright orange,
With top hat to boot
Dressed in a bow tie,
But where is his suit?

The firefly glimmers
Playing games in the sky
Challenging the moon
As it floats, slowly by

She in her stockings
Sexy as can be
An umbrella she holds
But no rain do you see

Are they in costume?
Seems that they are
Or are they just visitors
Traveled here, from afar

Eyes, mesmerizing
Best to turn away
Else she’ll capture you
With a look, quite risqué

Are they merely playing tricks?
Surely, they mean no harm
Best beware, guard yourself
From their fascinating charm

Trust me, don’t get too close
Or for sure, you’ll be doomed
Under the light of the crescent
Is where they’ll leave you…



©2021 Dorinda Duclos All Rights Reserved
Image by Angeline 1 from Pixabay