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Unsettled skies
Grows dark, the night
No vivid colors
To awaken sight
The moon refuses
To share its light
Darkness fills my eyes

Grasses lose
Their verdant hue
There is no color
Alas, tis true
What moves in shadow?
Is it you?!
Perhaps, this is merely a ruse

I blink to see
But nothing is clear
It’s shrouded in haze
Or is that my fear?
Taking over my mind
Insanity, near
I try, but cannot flee

Sadly, I am losing my spark
Please tell me what to do
So they cannot find me
Though they’ll try to ensue
What is left of my spirit
My friend, I need you!
Lest find myself lost in the dark

Photo & poem
©2021 Dorinda Duclos All Rights Reserved