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Small child, inquisitive in nature
Pushes mightily against the door
A glimmer of light from the other side
Instinctively, he must know more!

Unaware he is being watched
He’s determined to make his way in
The door pushes back, stubborn, stuck
Is there even a chance he will win?

Head down, he is almost there
Til a sound from the room disturbs
“Who dares gain entrance to my lair?”
From a creature, now, quite perturbed

“Little boys don’t belong here” he cried
“You best go outside, yes, to play.”
“Leave me alone, in my empty home,
I beg of you, please, GO AWAY!”

The little boy laughed at the face on the wall
Not heeding the creature, would be his downfall…


April Writing Prompt – Inky blackness and the faintest glow of light from around the door

©2021 Dorinda Duclos All Rights Reserved
Image by Willgard Krause from Pixabay