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Conversation lags
As tension fills the air
Words I wish to say aloud,
But never will I dare.

Turn the wrath of devil’s breath,
Into a burning pyre
Anger lashes back at me,
And I begin to tire.

Wonder what it is I seek,
Outside my bolted door
Is there life beyond the pale?
Or is it nothing more

Than washed out wishes
And fallen dreams
A silence filled
With curdling screams?

Try again, to fight the pain,
Encumbering at best
A plight I’d never give myself
Is given at my behest.

Strange that I would choose this path,
Heavy thorns do block my way
What happened in the aftermath?
Was it something I did say?


©2020 Dorinda Duclos All Rights Reserved
Image by SAFA TUNCEL from Pixabay