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In Loving Memory of John Freda 1968-2020

You left
Before I
Could say goodbye
I sit
And can’t help
But wonder why

You were taken
So soon
From us, away
In our hearts
You’ll forever stay

I loved
Your kindness
Your gentle soul
But, alas,
Your absence
Will take its toll

On so many,
Who will never know
Your spirit
Or the sound
Of your laughter,
I can still hear it

A man
Who cared
For so many, but he
“Reach out,
I’m here,
If you ever need me”

A phrase
He would say to me,
Again & again
He’d listen,
And comfort,
And never complain

You were truly
A wonderful friend
To our Alyssa,
You were a godsend

You’re an angel,
In Heaven above
At peace
With our Lord,
Embraced in His love.


©2020 Dorinda Duclos All Rights Reserved
Image by John Freda