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Dear friends,

It is with a very heavy heart that I tell you, we have lost a member of the WordPress community, a man who was a very dear friend to me and my family, and who treated my daughter like a sister.  They were movie buddies, among other hobbies.

John Freda passed away this morning from COVID-19.  He was 51 years young.

John has a blog on WP called The Magic Shop.  He truly enjoyed writing and I truly enjoyed our banter back and forth about it.  We kept each other in line, making sure we were writing, even if we didn’t feel like it.  He had been quiet for most of this year, trying to find his way back to putting pen to paper.  He truly enjoyed Fandango’s FOWC, and participated in it frequently.

John was a gentle soul, a man who would give you anything he could.  I am honored to be able to call him my friend, my dear friend.

Please keep his Mom & Dad in your prayers.  Both have the virus.  Mom is on a ventilator, Dad fell and broke his back.  Neither know they have lost their son…