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Two days of eating
Stuffed to the gills
The thought of the clean up
Is giving me chills!

Boxes unwrapped
Colored paper abounds
I’m looking for help
But there’s no one around!

Each year I swear
Next year will be diverse
But who am I kidding?
It’s just getting worse!

At some point, I give in
OK, I’ll host Christmas
Then reality hits me
I should mind my own business

Ah, but everything turns out
Exactly as I planned
As I smile at my family
Thinking, yes, life is grand

To allow us to gather
Around the table together
To reminisce, laugh
And remember forever

Making new memories
Each day that we share
At holiday time
When we are all there

Then I suddenly realize
The table’s now empty
They all seem to escape
When the dishes are plenty!

But, alas, I should know this
There’s no one to help clear
But when dessert is announced
They all, instantly, reappear!!


©2019 Dorinda Duclos All Rights Reserved
Image by StockSnap from Pixabay