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This incredible picture was taken from a rooftop, in Westchester, NY, by my dear friend, Ed “Brother Bud” Bates. Used with permission.

Beyond these forest lands, there lays
A frozen village, touched by rays
Encased in ice, nothing can be seen
It’s most ethereal, out of a dream

Skies of blue, touched by clouds
Overcast heavens, that shout aloud
The wild life’s echoed sound of joy
As warmth from the sun, completes its ploy

To melt away, these frozen limbs
Embrace the spirits, deep within
Then listens, as the forest fills with voices
The woodland, ever jubilant, rejoices

Knowing, this is only temporary
For Mother Nature, is quite contrary
And in a flash, she changes speeds
The whispering winds, planting seeds

While we await, the first of spring
To celebrant, every living thing
That comes back to life, as we espy
Preserved, a wilderness, beneath the sky


©2019 Dorinda Duclos All Rights Reserved