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Adrift, like the lone cloud, in the distance, I think how wonderful it could be if I, too, could do just that. Rise above the mountain tops, kissed by the sun, letting it shine on me. Or perhaps, sail off into the wilderness of the skies, to find peaceful surrender, afar, in the light of day. Then sigh, as I marvel at the lush green grass, knowing, winter is not far behind.

I shall take in all the splendid colors of autumn, tinting the land with a copper sheen, praying she would stay much longer, to adorn these old eyes. Once last glimpse, o’er the top of mighty hills, down to the valleys below, quietly lingering, until I am not one, but a blend of all, in the clouds. Serenity settles within, and I am as calm as a windless day. Tranquility conquers! No longer do I dread the silence, for it comforts my soul, drowning the din in my mind.

And once again, I am free. A single entity, flying onward, a vaporous wisp in the blue, a fleeting moment, empyrean, above the land.


Photo via Sue Vincent’s #writephoto prompt – Afar
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