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Come closer, I’ll not bite you
That’s really quite absurd
Can’t you see, from the look in my eye
I am no ordinary bird

My feathers shine in ebony

The blackest you will ever see

I am not the raven spoken of
The one Edgar Allan knew
I really am quite different
I know this to be true

Though dark am I, as the evening sky

You’ll feel me near, as my wings fly by

Duck your head, protect your hair
The world above is mine
I’ll fly by you, without a care
I’m simply quite divine

Onyx, against the leaves of green

The most beautiful bird you’ve ever seen

No need to be frightened of me
If you stay in the distance, in fact
Shoo me away, and off I’ll go
But you can bet, one day, I’ll be back



Poem & Photo ©2016 Dorinda Duclos All Rights Reserved