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In my hand I have a box
Come closer and you’ll see
Don’t open it or look inside
Lest it cause you misery

I’ve traveled very far and wide
Through all I could withstand
Now, time is slipping quickly by
So, hurry, take my hand

For inside this tiny package
There’s a treasure full of sin
Fear, and greed, evil deeds
All lie in here, within

The distant train approaching
Is filled with his villainous clan
I beg of thee, just let it be
Don’t fuel the Devil’s plan

Don’t let the sinister voices
Wreak havoc in your head
Think of me, and all to be
Of joy and love, instead

The key that unlocks secrets
Kept hidden deep inside
Is tied to me, around my waist
I keep it there, beside

Will you open up the box?
I think you will, I fear
I’ll give you the key,
If you promise me
All hope will not disappear


©2016 Dorinda Duclos All Rights Reserved
Photo via Pixabay