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What is that sound,
Outside my window pane;
Tap, tap, on the glass,
But it is not the rain.

Shadows move in closer,
Only fingers do I see;
Trapped in my own bedroom,
He has finally come for me.

No escape from the darkness,
No, this is not the night;
Still, I should make a run for it,
But I’m blinded, by the light.

How can this be happening?
Why pick me, I ask;
Seems my question is complex,
Too tough for his simple task.

Pondering what the next step is,
He seemingly moves away;
Now’s my chance to run for it,
But something makes me stay.

This shadow brings me comfort,
When nighttime offers none;
Perhaps I should confront him,
Instead, I choose to shun.

Be gone with you, I cry aloud,
You are not welcome here
Still, he lingers, knowing,
It’s his presence that I fear.


ยฉ2019 Dorinda Duclos All Rights Reserved
Photo: Pixabay