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What Amazon Says:

This first, and likely only volume, is a collection of more than 300 limericks guaranteed to disturb readers of all tastes. Nobody is left feeling excluded and it provides the sort of inclusivity we can only but dream of in this crazy, crazy world.

You might even laugh at a few but that will remain our secret, and you can just pretend you saw a picture of a cute kitten if anyone asks.



My Review: 5 Stars

What good is a limerick if it doesn’t make you groan just a bit? This book has everything you could possible want. Michaels is a master at limerick poetry. He had me laughing, smiling and cringing, all at the same time. I’m pretty sure you’ll find yourself doing the same.

Here’s a teaser, to whet your whistle  😉

Barber alas premature
In his loving, his wife needed more.
Said “I need you to last
And not be so damn fast
Cos you’re done, ‘fore I start, that’s for sure.”

Admit it now, you laughed. 😉

This is Michaels first book, and this reader hopes it will not be his last. Do check it out for yourself! With 300 limericks in this collection, I sincerely think you will not be disappointed.

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Michaels is the author of the blog Afterwards and is affectionately known to us as Michael.  🙂

Part of this review appears on Amazon.com in the US (the part that really matters).