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Ever notice that one person in the room who no one else is talking to? Do you wonder why? Perhaps it’s because they can’t see them. But you can. That little girl cowering in the corner, the teenager looking for answers. That’s what this night had become for Dani.

She was invited to a house warming party. Her friends moved across town and were anxious to show her the new place. People milled around, and her friend was beaming with pride. But the light coming from behind her wasn’t normal. In fact it was a bit eerie.

Trying not to look like something was wrong, Dani approached her friend. As she walked around her, she saw her. There, sitting on the stool by the kitchen breakfast bar, was a young woman, emanating an incredible glow. Dani took a step backward, and in doing so, bumped into Marianne. The young woman at the bar giggled. Marianne wasn’t too thrilled but tried to look amused at her clumsy friend.

“Better lay off the punch, Dani”, Sam teased.

“She hasn’t had any yet”, Marianne chimed in, her tone less than polite.

“Sorry, guys. I was trying to figure out who the girl was, sitting at the kitchen bar.”

Everyone looked strangely at Dani. Now she was really confused. Pointing to the occupied seat, she said “her, right there. Who are you?”

Marianne had a different look on her face now. She was worried.

“Um, Dani, hon? There’s no one sitting at the bar.”

Now Dani was confused. She clearly saw a young girl sitting there, drink in hand, smiling at her. Sam walked over to the bar and pulled out the stools, one by one. Shrugging his shoulders, he returned to his wife’s side. Dani looked again and the girl was gone. Thinking the soda she had was laced with alcohol, Dani shrugged it off to the atmosphere in the house. After all, it was a party, with everyone having a great time. Maybe she was imagining something that wasn’t there. Or was she?

Finding a seat on the sofa, Dani plopped herself down and began to relax. The party was in full swing and people were everywhere. Chatting with whomever happened by her, Dani found herself tiring. It had been a long day at the office, and she was exhausted. It was time for her to say her goodbyes, and make her way home.

As she gathered her things, kissed Sam and Marianne goodbye, she caught another glimpse of the mysterious young girl. She was standing by the door, waiting. Dani looked around, then back at her. She was shaking her head and motioning to Dani to follow her. Dani didn’t move. Looking at the door again, she saw her still waiting, but she was pouting. Had Dani upset this, what did she upset? She didn’t even know what to call it. Was it all just a figment of her imagination? She was overtired and bleary eyed. Yes, that’s it.

She went to the front door, no one else in sight, and stepped out into the cool air. It immediately awakened her. She saw her cab waiting and made her way to it. Hopping in the back seat she gave the driver her address. “You can drop me at the corner.”

Nodding, the cabby began driving. It wasn’t long before he was waking Dani up to let her know she had arrived at her destination. Sighing, she paid the driver and got out. Barely able to stand, she started the walk to her apartment. It was a good distance down, and the night had turned to quite a chill. When she reached the cross street by her apartment, a strange feeling came over her. Looking up, there she was. Had she followed Dani home? Dani tried to call out to her, but she paid no mind. She kept walking ahead of Dani, occasionally picking up the pace.

Dani found herself speeding up, determined to get to the end of it all. She had to find out who this girl was and why she had this glow about her. Calling out to her one more time, the girl stopped and turned toward Dani. But the glow was gone, and it was replaced with an eerie redness, almost like a fire. Who or what was this girl and what did she want from Dani? It was as Dani approached her on this dark and desolate street, at the corner of 15th and 8th, she finally disappeared.

And Dani with her…


June Writing Prompt – At the corner of 15th and 8th, she finally disappeared. – Day 22/30

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Photo via Pixabay