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Whenever there’s a problem
We know just what to do
Pick up the phone, dial it out
Call in Jack, and his crew

Consisting of the following
A plunger and a wrench
If we keep our fingers crossed
He’ll rid us of this stench!!

Toilets always clog here
It seems like it’s a game
Still, it’s hard to point out
Who, really, is to blame!

The men swear it’s gremlins
Sneaking into the stalls
Such a silly thing to say
Gremlins don’t exist, at all

We can’t install a camera
Cause that’s against the law
Maybe it’s the manufacturer
Who sent one, with a flaw

It really doesn’t matter, right?
We will eventually figure it out
When the Ty-D Bol Man* surprises
And someone lets out a shout

Then we’ll nab the jokester
Who likes to stuff the bowls
We’ll put him to work, for Jack
Changing the toilet paper rolls


May Writing Prompts – The Plunger Games – Day 21/31

*Ty-D Bol Man is owned by Willert Home Products, St. Louis, MO

©2019 Dorinda Duclos All Rights Reserved
Photo via Pixabay