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Destroying, without care

No concern for another’s life



Author’s note: A careless flick of a match, or cigarette, or a campfire left smoldering, can potentially burn hundreds of thousands of acres, diminishing natural habitats for wildlife.. *Scientists don’t have any good estimates on the number of animals that die in wildfires each year. But there are no documented cases of fires—even the really severe ones—wiping out entire populations or species (Thank God!).  Of course, some animals do die in the smoke and fire—those that can’t run fast enough or find shelter. Young and small animals are particularly at risk. And some of their strategies for escape might not work—a koala’s natural instinct to crawl up into a tree, for example, may leave it trapped. *Info via National Geographic


May Writing Prompts – Where the Wild Things Aren’t – Day 19/31

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