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Left on the road, smack dab, in the middle
In her hands, with a map, she anxiously did fiddle

Trying to make sense, of all the lines and curves
This whole mystery, was getting on her nerves

There had to be a way, to get to where she needed
Should’ve paid attention, to the old man’s words, heeded

He told her not to travel, down this dusty trail
Perhaps another way, her plans, she should curtail

There had to be an answer, on this map, somewhere
That would get her to Da Vinci’s, in the town square

But there was no square to speak of, no town did exist
Just a farm, vacated, maybe help, she should enlist

Unsure of where to turn to, or how to find someone
She decided to go west, and follow the setting sun

But first, she had to find a way, to lighten her heavy load
Left everything she owned, on the side of Da Vinci Road

Years gone by, they still recall, how she disappeared that day
And how they tried to warn her, much to their dismay

No one travels the path anymore, no one dares to go
They know better, to steer clear, or death, it will bestow


May Writing Prompts – The Da Vinci Road – Day 18/31

©2019 Dorinda Duclos All Rights Reserved
Photo via Pixabay