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I do not like green eggs and spam

Send them to Pebbles, and BamBam

They can eat them on a plate

Or share them both, with Mr. Slate

Or maybe Fred would rather eat

Green eggs and spam, oh, what a treat

But Barney, he’s a lot like me

He won’t touch them, no sir-ee

So, if you serve green eggs and spam

Don’t invite me, I’m sorry ma’am

I cannot stomach all that goo

Just think, there will be more, for you!

I do not like green eggs and spam

I much prefer raspberry jam

But that’s another poem, true

For ~M has labeled it twenty-two!



May Writing Prompts – Green Eggs and Spam – Day 13/31

Β©2019 Dorinda Duclos All Rights Reserved
Photo via Pixabay