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They took me to the dentist
He said open up, say ah
Then he stuck his fingers
Right inside my jaw

He poked around and prodded
Said teeth would have to go
I don’t think he understands
How I love my teethies so

Next he took this little thing
It looks like a rather odd gun
Sprayed a bunch of water
In my mouth, under my tongue

Not sure why he did this
But he stuffed some cotton inside
Next he took a real long needle
I’m pretty sure I cried

But then I didn’t feel the pain
No nothing, did he stop?
So I laid back and just relaxed
Until… I heard the pop

Then there was another
And another, what the hey?
I tried to get his attention
But the words I couldn’t say

Finally it was over, and
He handed me this glass
Said swish and spit, into this bowl
I thought it rather crass

Still, all I could do was drool
No matter how I tried, zippo
And this is why you never give
Water to a novacained hippo


May Writing Prompts – Water for Hippos – Day 11/31

©2019 Dorinda Duclos All Rights Reserved
Photo via Pixabay